The Love of Christ Compels Us – 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

This classic passage of scripture provides an excellent apostolic exposition of the Gospel and its implications. In these verses, Paul gives the motivation behind Christian service as well as an application to all believers to be ambassadors for Christ just as he is. As servants of the Gospel, we can seem “beside ourselves” (v13) in the way we “persuade others” (v11). But why? Because “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” and those in Christ are given the “ministry of reconciliation” (v17-18). Ultimately, it is the love of Christ that controls us to preach the gospel to every creature.

The same thing that motivated Paul must motivate us. The love of Christ should be the reason that Bread of Life Fellowship is a church that serves the Gospel and all its fullness. In our preaching, teaching, sharing, and living; in our worship, devotion, and adoration; and in our love for one another and our neighbors, let us be compelled, controlled, and motivated by the all-surpassing love of Christ!

As we prepare to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us during our Ten-Year Anniversary Service, we ought to self-reflect: do we serve God out of love or mere obligation? Why do you travel this far to come to Wayne, New Jersey each Sunday? Why do you give up Saturdays to participate in evangelism? Why do you stay out late on work nights to attend a Bible study or prayer meeting? Why do you spend time praying for each other? What has compelled Bread of Life Fellowship to be faithful to God for these past ten years? We never intended, and never will intend, to make a name for ourselves or build our own kingdom; however, if Bread of Life is to be brought up in any conversation, let it be said of us, “the love of Christ compels them!”

No Christian, even Paul, would master this concept perfectly. Sure, there are times in which we serve Christ out of duty, tradition, or selfish motivations. But it is healthy to reflect not only on our own performance but our motivation. Take time to read the implications of the Gospel in 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 over the next week and let God refresh your heart in the love of Christ!