There Will Be Enough – Proverbs 27:23-27

“There will be enough goats’ milk for your food, for the food of your household and the maintenance of your girls.” (Proverbs 27:27 ESV)

“This declares the great goodness of God towards man, and the diligence that he requires of him for the preservation of his gifts. It is especially appropriate to a nation, whose chief riches were, in its early origin, in pastures and flocks. Their father Jacob admirably exemplified this rule. He knew well the state of his flocks and herds. Even King David, mindful of his ancient employ, kept his flocks and herds under constant inspection. Uzziah also deemed a pastoral charge no degradation to his royal dignity. Riches are a fickle possession. Even the crown might not endure to every generation.

“The Bible is thus a directory for all the diversified employments of life. It teaches that every man ought to have a business, and rebukes the neglect of practical every-day duties. God may be glorified by a single eye and purpose in every station; by-the laborer, the farmer, the servant, no less than by the master. We must ‘serve the Lord in fervency of spirit.’ But a part of this service is, that we be ‘not slothful in business.’ To retire from the burden would be to neglect ‘serving the will of God in our generation’; to ‘put our light under a bushel, instead of upon a candlestick;’ to cover it, instead of ‘letting it shine.’ Our own calling is the way of God for us and in this way, let us commit ourselves to God, and be at peace.

“His Providence extends to little things, as well as to things of greater moment. The least is under his care, as if there was nothing else. Nothing escapes his all-seeing eye. He that ‘tells the number of the stars,’ ‘numbers” also the hairs of our head.’ Sweet balm for that cankering care, which is the bane of all godliness!

“This picture also exhibits the fruits of industry, as far preferable to those of ambition. The various produce of the field–the hay and grass in the pastures; the herbage on the mountains; the suitable clothing from the lambs; the goats paying the price of the field; the sufficiency of wholesome food for the household and maidens–all is the overflowing bounty of our gracious God. ‘How excellent is thy loving-kindness, O God!’ Thus “man goes forth; unto his work and unto his labor until the evening, singing his song of praise—‘O Lord, how manifold are thy; works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.’”                                                                             ~ Charles Bridges


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