The Eyes of the Lord – Proverbs 15

The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
keeping watch on the evil and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)

Up to this point in our study of the Book of Proverbs, we have observed the father’s passionate plea that his children resist the foolishness of the world and follow after wisdom. Chapter 15 is no different, as the father once again warns against harsh words, foolish mouths, those who ignore instruction and reproof, and lying while encouraging his children to speak softly, heed counsel, think before they speak, and fear the Lord.

While none of these things are novel to our studies so far, Solomon does introduce a point which serves to embolden his instruction. While he is limited by time and space, there is One who is unlimited. While Solomon can only hope that his in-home teaching will fall on good ground and he will see the fruit of his labors, he is unable to observe his sons’ actions moment-by-moment or to see their true intentions. The LORD, however, is very capable of such things, because his eyes “are in every place.”

The statement in verse three is one of the few places in which Solomon uses theological statements to strengthen his advice. Of course, he has reminded his sons to stay faithful to the Lord and fear the Lord several times. However, this statement is unique because now the father relies on an important attribute of God to give counsel to his sons, namely, God’s omnipresence.

God is not limited by space or time. His “eyes” are everywhere. Simply put: God is watching. He sees everything. Solomon is saying, “Sons, I can’t see everything you do, but God can.” God watches over evil and good. He sees our good deeds and bad deeds. Furthermore, his eyes are not like human eyes – God can see our hearts!

This concept should inspire at least two reactions: fear and comfort. We fear the fact that God is watching because we know that we can never hide our sins from God. Those sins that we think no one saw will be held accountable to the Almighty Judge. However, those who know God as Father are also comforted by his omnipresence. As a loving Father, the Lord never lets us out of his sight!


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