A Righteous Appetite – Proverbs 13:15-25

“The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite,
but the belly of the wicked suffers want.” (Proverbs 15:25 ESV)

Solomon has taken much time to teach his sons valuable lessons, as we’ve seen thus far in our study of the Proverbs. One recurring theme that he presses further in this section is the appetite of the heart. While giving his children sound, practical advice, such as the need to be diligent, the need to have the right friends, the need to seek wisdom, and the need to honor one’s parents, Solomon knows that ultimately these things cannot create a righteousness nor lead to a satisfying life if not done from a pure heart.

If you can follow the precepts of the Book of Proverbs carefully and yet feel empty, check your heart. Examine yourself. These are not mere rules or chores or the kinds of things children often respond to with, “Aww, do I have to?” Rather, these precepts, these gems of wisdom, are guides to green pastures. They are words from the mouth of God himself and they are good for the soul. The heart that is prepared to receive them craves them.

What do you crave? What are you and I seeking after with our whole hearts? If our hearts are aligned with God, we will want good things; if so, God’s supply never runs out! He wants to satisfy the cravings of his children with good things. Let us never forget how our heavenly Father cares for our joy. The dreaded appetite may be so marred by the world and by sin that we as Christians often fear mentioning it, as if it is inherently sinful to crave anything – but we were created by God to crave, to want, to desire. The question is: do we desire what God has designed for us, or would we rather bypass God’s providence and seek satisfaction elsewhere? According to scripture, such satisfaction can never be attained apart from God.


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