Revelation – Psalm 19

The heavens declare the glory of God … The law of the Lord is perfect … (Psa. 19:1, 7)

There has been considerable discussion regarding the unity of Psalm 19, as to how the creation imagery of the first 6 verses is connected with the description of God’s Word in verses 7-11. However, if we think about the Psalm in the light of the entirety of Scripture, it becomes clear that the Psalm is about revelation. Specifically Psalm 19 is about God’s revelation of Himself – first through His creation, and second through His word. This is referred to in theological terms as General Revelation and Specific Revelation.

First in verses 1-6, inanimate creation has a voice; the heavens and skies are speaking, preaching, teaching and displaying knowledge. Creation has continually cried out, displaying the attributes of its Creator since the moment it was made (see Romans 1:20). Whether scientists wish to admit it or not, science is regularly making inquiry into the universe and its components and observing the very things that point to their Creator. Romans 1:20 teaches that this revelation alone is enough evidence to make man without excuse in his quest to find God. Certainly when David gazed into the heavens, he looked beyond the heavenly bodies to discover both the vastness of the Creator and the smallness of mankind (Psalm 8:3-4).

The study of the earth, universe, and biology are fascinating; however, if they become the end in themselves, they are not fulfilling their primary function. Creation calls us to inquire to know its Creator. As powerful a witness of God as the ordered universe is, it is merely chapter 1 of God’s revelation; and as in any good novel, the purpose of chapter 1 is to get you to read the rest of the book. The purpose of creation is to excite us to want to see its Creator revealed further. And He reveals Himself to us in His second revelatory means, the Word of God. God’s Word is infinitely perfect, trustworthy, right, radiant, and pure. It is altogether righteous; more precious than gold; and sweeter than honey. God’s Word is our treasure and our pleasure, and as we study the written word we get to know the living Word, Jesus Christ, who is the Creator of all!


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