Wisdom’s Lasting Value – Proverbs 2

“Discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you” (2:11)

As we continue the Book of Proverbs, it will become evident that the first nine chapters have a lot in common. Chapter 2 builds on the theme of the book: wisdom. The next seven chapters also expound on wisdom. While the repetition of wisdom’s value could seem daunting to the reader, each passage in this section of the book provides a slightly different aspect of wisdom. Chapter 2 reveals the lasting value of wisdom, in that wisdom (and discretion and understanding) will ultimately watch over and guard the believer in times of temptation.

The world constantly bombards us with temptations; this reality is nothing new. In Solomon’s day, men of perverted speech (v12), men whose paths are crooked (v15), adulteress women (v16) and the wicked and treacherous (v22) were all walking about, attempting to captivate the minds and hearts of the simple. The simple, of course, would play right into their hands, and in doing so, they would be destroyed.

By contrast, God wants his people to be delivered from such evil (v16), walk in the way of good (v20), and inhabit the land (v21). All of these are a result of seeking wisdom like silver. Wisdom does not just have practical value, it has necessary value. Times of temptation are inevitable, and we will give an account for the times we have ignored the proclamation of wisdom from God’s word. When those times come, we will be eternally glad we took heed to the wisdom that comes from the LORD.

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