Judges 16:4-22 The Agony of Defeat

Delilah discovered the secret of Samson’s power. In frustration, she complained and questioned his love for her. How could he conceivably love her if he continued to make a fool out of her? And, how could he not trust her if he truly loved her?

Day after day, she nagged him, doing all she could to break the will of Samson. She was determined, setting a deliberate, unceasing plot to break the secret and personally betray her lover.

Finally, Samson broke under the weight of the nagging and the pressure until his soul was vexed to death, feeling as though he could take it no more. Samson told her everything: his secret, the source of his strength. He revealed that he was a Nazirite, a man who had been set apart to God from birth; and that if his head were shaved, his strength would leave him.

At long last, Delilah had what she wanted, and she betrayed Samson. She sent word to the Philistine leaders who long ago had given up and were no longer hiding at her house while she carried out each plot. But now, the leaders had been convinced by Delilah that she had seduced the truth out of Samson. So they returned with the payoff.

When they arrived, she no doubt had drugged him and had his hair shaved off. As before, in the other three attempts, she called for Samson to awaken from his drugged stupor. He awoke, thinking that he would escape just as he had done before. But this time it was too late: he had revealed the truth, the source of his strength.

Samson was captured and led into captivity by the Philistines. The Spirit of God had left him and the Philistines seized him. They gouged out his eyes, shackled him, and forced him to grind grain in the prison. But they made a very serious mistake: they allowed his hair to grow back.

This was probably a deliberate plan in order to control and use his strength for their own purposes once his hair had grown back. Whatever the case, this was to be a serious miscalculation on the part of the Philistines. Samson was not stupid; therefore, at some point he must have figured out the plot of Delilah and the Philistines. Only she knew the deceptive lies he was telling her about the source of his strength. Every time she awakened him, he was tied up and the Philistines were standing there.

The moment Samson became aware of the plot, he should have fled as quickly as he could. But unbridled lust and passion had gripped his heart and blinded his mind so that he could not think clearly, much less act rationally. He was driven by the desire for Delilah, her companionship, softness, and passion. He was infatuated and had a burning desire for her that blinded him to the commandments and call of God. He had compromised and lived a permissive lifestyle so long that he became insensitive to God. He neglected and ignored God, disobeying His commandments. Can this be said of you?

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2 thoughts on “Judges 16:4-22 The Agony of Defeat

  1. Thank you. I know somone that is struggling with a similar issue problem. I will gladly share this with him. May this bring him to repentance.

  2. At one time or another this could be said of all of GOD’S children. Until we know GOD, not just about Him, His Word, and salvation, only in Jesus the Messiah,but more. Rather until we come to the point of walking, living, breathing, in His presence, knowing Him as our life, and our life’s source and guide, we are prone to backsliding. The Old Testament examples are not meant to shame GOD’S children, but to reveal to us the many ways that we try to go our own way, because of our sin nature. We all have a Samson within, a Peter, a Jonah, a Lot, a Noah, a Rehab, we all have a sin nature which is capable of the sin of Cain. “None is righteous, no not one. No one understands no one seeks for GOD.” This is human nature. It is not someone’s sin nature, apart from Jesus Christ, it is the “old man,” or sin nature, that which Paul spoke about in Romans six through eight. This nature will forever be with the child of GOD, it is the work of grace wrought about by the Holy Spirit, in the believing saint, that divides the two. More and more, as we seek the nature, and the very, deep, heart of GOD, through His word and His pastors and teachers, connecting ourselves with members of His Body, we are transformed. What happened to Samson, could happen to any child of GOD, no one is above their own lusts, and the wages of sin is not only death, it is to become a blind slave to the same. Beware of compromise, lest you be blinded by it. Take heed to unbelief, or you might be swallowed by legalism, and find years later how you are the last to know that you have given your pears to pigs. The world hates GOD’S children and they lay in wait to see them fall, Satan lurks around to devour, the unregenerate, human, soul habitually yields to this lion; Samson, Delilah, their story is not new, and it is not old. It is a fact which happens on a continual basis. GOD’S Word is flawless, and it perfectly describes the fears, the doubts, the waywardness, and the utter vile nature of human flesh. We see ourselves in this story, if we don’t there is something wrong with the reader.

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