Ephesians 3:18 The Height of Christ’s Love

We have paused in our exposition of Ephesians chapter 3 to meditate upon what is perhaps the highest of all glorious truths to which a man can set his mind to – the unfathomable love of Christ. We have considered how the breadth of Christ’s love extends to the great multitude and variety of people who are saved by His atoning work; its length sets our hearts on the distance and time over which God’s mercy in Christ spans; our meditation on the depth of Christ’s love served as a reminder of just how deep the love of God has condescended in Christ, to effectively save men from their hopelessly fallen condition. As infinitely deep as the love of Christ is, think about the infinite height of His love, which carries that same sinner to the height of glory in the consummation of redemption.

As last week’s meditation on the depth of Christ’s love turned our attention to His incarnation and death on the cross, here our reflection on the height of Christ’s love, turns our attention to the resurrection and ascension of Christ to His present place at the right hand of the Father. From there Christ demonstrates His love for us by interceding for us (Heb 7:24-26), even to the point of presenting us acceptable in the Father’s site (Rom 5:10, 1 Pet 2:5). Though He is in heaven in His exalted position, Christ nevertheless sympathizes with us and is afflicted and grieved with that which afflicts and grieves us. Christ further demonstrates his love for us today by preparing a place for us (John 14:2-3) even as if we are the lords and He is the servant. We see more of Christ’s love in that it is His desire that we be where He is (John 17:24) to participate in His glory and His love!

I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” (John 17:23) Read that last line over and over again until you really believe it! How will you ever think of anything else in light of this? This is a truth that will encourage your heart for this week and forevermore: God the Father has loved you even as he has loved His Son Jesus Christ! Who can explain this? Can anyone understand how the Father loves the Son? In heaven, there is an infinite fountain of love that is opened without any obstacle to hinder it. In the eternal Trinity we see the Lover, the Beloved and the love itself – and one day will participate in this highest of all love. D.A. Carson explains the wonder of this love: “…Christians themselves have been caught up into the love of the Father for the Son, secure and content and fulfilled because loved by the Almighty Himself with the very same love He reserves for His Son.

We will love God in ways we have never known – without one dark corner of anger or jealousy or hatred. God’s love will be all in all. Is there any wonder why the church cries, “Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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