Judges 15:1-6 The Revenger

As we return to our story we see Samson is seeking revenge for the loss of his wife. Remember, Samson had never consummated his marriage because his wife had betrayed him to the Philistines. Being gripped by a violent anger, he stormed out of the wedding and away from his newly wed wife, returning to temporarily live with his parents. After some length of time, his anger cooled off, and a desire to be reunited with his wife filled his heart. In his mind, it was now time to consummate the marriage. So Samson took a young goat as a gift and went to visit his wife. But when he arrived, he was greeted with shocking news. The shocking news was that his wife had been given to his friend or best man of his wedding. The news of this predicament was explained to Samson by his father-in-law. Because Samson had stormed out of the wedding, the father-in-law had concluded that he would never return to his wife because of her betrayal. The father-in-law offered his younger daughter to Samson as a compromise. But again Samson burned with anger and vowed revenge against the Philistines. He actually claimed innocence in seeking revenge against them; keep in mind that three very serious wrongs had been committed against Samson. The 30 guests at his bachelor party had won a costly bet with Samson by cheating. They had secured the answer to a riddle from his wife by threatening her and her family’s life. Samson’s wife had been given to the friend or best man. These were very serious wrongs, cruel acts against Samson. Anger against the Philistines surged through him, and revenge gripped his spirit, and Samson was aroused to strike out against the Philistines. Samson always seemed to have trouble getting motivated to fight the Philistines for the right reasons; for the cause of God he initially had little concern; he was very apathetic about the things of God. This attitude was reflected in his attitude toward his Nazirite vow. However, when the cause concerned Samson,he was highly motivated.

Is this your attitude? Are you most outraged over issues that only affect you? Or are you concerned with that which concerns God for righteousness sake?

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