Judges 6:33-40 Fleece Faith

Impossible situations confront all of us throughout life – the death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, a disability that we are born with or that is caused by an accident, separation or divorce, bankruptcy or loss of a job, a serious sense of emptiness, loneliness, or depression, a deep-seated lack of purpose or meaning in life. Throughout our lives, such solemn circumstances often arise and grab hold of us. As we face these crises, we have a choice to make – we can be weak and wavering, allowing the crisis to defeat us, or we can be strong in faith and attack the dilemma head-on. But take note of this fact: if we stand alone in any crisis – that is, only in our personal strength – the outcome will be unpredictable. We may overcome the crisis, but we may also be totally defeated and crushed by it.

However, there is wonderful news, glorious news! There is a faith available that will always conquer in all crises, no matter how severe or terrifying. That faith is faith in God. Whether or not we conquer the most severe crises in life does not depend upon our faith itself, but upon the object of our faith, God Himself. God alone can assure victory over all crises. In all circumstances, but particularly as deal with the most severe crises of life, we must have faith, specifically in the God of Scripture – or our Lord Jesus Christ – not in our own strength or ability, nor in the strength of mankind. Consider death, for example. Even though the latest technology of medicine can extend life for a brief period of time, we still cannot conqueror death. However, that inevitable day of leaving this world through the portals of death can be conquered only by God Himself.

Faith is essential throughout life, and faith in God guarantees us the victory. Believing God, trusting Him, and having faith in His love and concern for us pleases God; and such active, living faith in Him stirs His help, as we face the crises of life.

Faith is the great subject of the present passage of Scripture. Do you have a doubting, fleece faith, or faith in the God who removes doubt?

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