Psalm 10 Atheist Autopsy

God is in none of his thoughts.

Psalms 10:4

He has said in his heart,

“God has forgotten; He hides His face; He will never see.”

Psalms 10:11

For several reasons related to the observation of ancient manuscripts and the text in the original language, scholars often link Psalm 10 to the previous Psalm. There are equally valid arguments for considering the two Psalms as separate. Some have suggested that the overall themes of the two Psalms are quite different; however, upon closer examination, the wicked nations described in broad terms in Psalm 9 are further described in minutia in Psalm 10.

Following the worship of Psalm 8, the singer of Psalm 9 continues to praise in the midst of the godless culture which surrounds him. The Psalm concludes with the Psalmist calling upon God to arise and judge the nations that they may know themselves to be but men. Though this is the earnest prayer of the godly, because the patience of God is greater than that of man, He waits before He pours out his wrath, until the sinful wickedness of ungodly, tip the scales of His justice, as it were. As Psalm 10 begins, it seems to the Psalmist that the LORD has not answered his prayer at the conclusion of Psalm 9, so he narrates a description of the wicked in quite some detail. In verses 2 through 11, he takes out his scalpel and probe in order to dissect and reveal the heart of the wicked, who he describes only generally in Psalm 9. In this way, Psalm 10 is very much linked to Psalm 9.

These verses of Psalm 10 are an “Atheist Autopsy,” an allusion to the 1995 hoax “documentary” entitled ‘Alien Autopsy.’ Each verse, like a forensic pathologist’s scalpel, cuts and reveals another layer of the heart and soul of the man who has “God in none of his thoughts.” He persecutes the poor, boasts of his heart’s desires, blesses the greedy, and renounces the Lord. As he prospers in his way, he sneers at his enemies, thinking that nothing can move him, considering himself untouchable by any misfortune. His mouth is full of boasting and deceit; he hides iniquity in palatable language; he murders the innocent, but does not call it such; using rhetoric, he seeks to trap the needy and draw them into his net. All the while this man is foolish enough to think that God will never see that which hides in the secret recesses of his own heart. Though he may publicly acknowledge God, when he is alone his prayer is, “God has forgotten; He hides His face; He will never see.”

The scalpel of God’s Word penetrates to a level that reveals that which the man himself might not be consciously aware of, or that which in he deceives even himself. He is a man who lies, not only to others, but to himself and God. Such is the condition of the heart of the wicked. But “wicked” describes every one of us. In some capacity, a dissection of our own desperately wicked heart would reveal exactly what the autopsy of this Atheist reveals. Does not our old body of death neglect the poor and needy, while boasting in self-sufficiency? Is there not pride, greed and deceit in us, as a result of remaining sin? Does not indwelling sin still try to convince our minds that God does not see our sin? This week let the scalpel of God’s Word in Psalm 10 do an autopsy upon your own body of death – see what it reveals about the person you used to be. Then praise God that He has given you a new heart and new life in Christ.

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